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folding plastic-aluminium picnic table Hamburg in the sun by the pool

Plastic picnic table

Low-in-maintenance and available in several colours!

You are probably familiar with the wooden picnic table, but we wouldn’t be MaximaVida if we wouldn’t have some very unique picnic tables in our product range. A good example would be our range of plastic picnic tables. The plastic picnic table has a design look that makes it stand out in a modern garden and because of the variety in colour, means there will definitely be a table that will suit you.

Another advantage is that the plastic picnic tables are relatively light in weight and easy to maintain. The seats are made of a sustainable plastic that cannot rot or crack. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is that with different weather conditions, the plastic can either expand or shrink which may cause it to deform. Unfortunately, this can not be prevented.

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