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folding plastic-aluminium picnic table Hamburg in the sun by the pool

Plastic picnic table

Low-in-maintenance and available in several colours!

You are probably familiar with the wooden picnic table, but we wouldn’t be MaximaVida if we wouldn’t have some very unique picnic tables in our product range. When you are looking for a practical, sustainable and low-maintenance table for outdoor use, then a plastic picnic table is the perfect match for you. The plastic tables are available in several sizes and styles and, because of their design appearance, they fit perfectly into a sleek finished garden.

Another advantage is that the plastic picnic tables are relatively light in weight and easy to move. This makes them perfect for creating temporarily seats or for people that like to change the layout from time to time. Our foldable models are ideal for the smaller spaces and can easily be stored when they are not being used. Plus, all these tables are easy to maintain!

Plastic picnic table with the looks of wood

Are you looking for a picnic table with the looks of wood but can you not be bothered with the maintenance? Then a picnic table made of polywood is the right choice for you. Polywood can be made with all sorts of structures and therefore it is also possible to give it a wood look. An advantage of polywood is that it is a type of plastic which means you don’t have to deal with the features of wood. The maintenance of polywood is not much work either. Just a cloth with some plastic cleaner, that is all!

The advantages of a plastic picnic table at MaximaVida:

  • Low maintenance
  • A choice of several types, sizes and designs
  • Timeless design
  • Sustainable material that will not rot or crack
  • Lightweight, so easily moved
  • Delivery in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Maintaining a plastic picnic table

A plastic picnic table can stay outside all year, but the weather influences can make the table look less nice. The seats are made of polywood; a sustainable type of plastic that cannot rot or crack. The only thing you need to keep in mind, is that the polywood can shrink or expand in different weather conditions, causing it to deform. Unfortunately, this cannot be prevented. To avoid deformation of the polywood seats, it is wise to store the table in a shed or under a canopy when not in use for a longer period.

When you use the plastic picnic table unprotected outside permanently, the plastic can discolour. Therefore, you can use a garden cover when you are not using it. When you use a garden cover, your picnic table will remain beautiful for a longer period of time and you will prevent it from getting dirty. You will be able to enjoy your picnic table all year round. Has your picnic table become a little dull? You can always try to get the colour back using a little bit of furniture wax.

The picnic table can easily be cleaned using a cloth and some plastic cleaner. Whatever you do, do not use a high-pressure cleaner, you will damage the plastic table.

Something else you will have to take into account nowadays, are the extreme weather circumstances. The high temperatures and the strength of the sun, you need to be careful with the prism effect. Drink glasses can cause burn marks on the table with the high temperatures of the recent years. We therefore advise to use coasters and don’t leave your drink glasses on the table when they are not being used. This way, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful and unique plastic picnic table from MaximaVida for years to come!

Foldable plastic picnic table

Unexpected guests and not enough room in the garden? Get to know our foldable plastic picnic tables. This set does not require a lot of attention, so no more hassle maintaining your table and benches. Unfold and place the set wherever you want. Order your table now and enjoy a lovely dinner with friends and family soon! Our plastic picnic tables are an asset to any garden!

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